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The Ambassador needs to

  • Be a very experienced business owner herself.
  • Take care of the program every month.
  • Take care of the special structure of the program and the specific parts that make this the most special networking club for business women.
  • Share her network with the members.
  • Find the free venue and arranges the reservations and payments.
  • Make a lot of (free) publicity.
  • Subscribe new members.
  • Check for interesting subjects for a speaker with the members.
  • Decide whether the new member fits the profile of the club members.
  • Put the PowerfulBusinessWomen’s Club banner at the venue during the club meeting.
  • Update the dates for the club events on the website, at least 8 weeks in advance.
  • Be the host for international guests when they arrive at the venue. She introduces them to the other members and will also help with connections after the event. If the international guest wants to plan meetings ahead the ambassador does introductions.
  • Be present every month.

The Ambassador can:

Give one webinar for free to all club members all over the world.

Find an assistant who helps with the organization

Profile herself as the ambassador of a worldwide network. It is a good branding possibility.

Because she is the ambassador people will want to connect with her automatically.

The ambassador needs to share the vision of connecting and supporting female business-owners all over the world. She should be able to commit to this vision and the tasks which come with the ambassadorship.

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