Network Event of Powerful Business Women’s Network

On the 10th of December, we organize our next event of the Powerful Business Women’s Network in Delfgauw, the Netherlands.
Are you a serious female business owner who wants to:

  • Level with like-minded business owners.
  • Extend your network with strong businesswomen.
  • Be part of a global organization.
  • Employ staff, or want to or want to outsource more.
  • Share your network and collaborate.
  • Work internationally and/or expand.


This will be the Program


Doors open at 4.15 PM

  • Start program at 4.30 pm
  • Pitches of most of the participants.
  • Masterminding with other members.
  • Keynote speaker Tineke Rensen will Speak on how to Discover your personal Powerful Money Type.
  • Networking

End of program 8.30 PM

You can stay a little longer when you want to connect with the other businesswomen.

The location this time is

Powerful Business Academy
Tineke Rensen
Distributieweg 46 (back of the building)
2645 EJ Delfgauw

About Tineke Rensen’s  keynote speech


Tineke Rensen


Your speaker this time is Tineke Rensen the founder of this network.

She is in business for 30 years and has successfully sold her first international outdoor and survival business. She is now dedicating her time to support business growth within the business women’s community. She has a passion for seeing businesswomen create bigger businesses. She is a mentor for businesswomen who seriously want to grow their business. Tineke is 54 and she has 2 teenage daughters.

What you will learn:

The topic Tineke is speaking about is Your Powerful Money Type. There are 8 money types and it is essential for every business person to find out which one is theirs. What decisions suit you to make more money and which ones do not work for you at all? In most business decisions, money is involved so it is vital knowledge to have. Tineke will help you to find out which one of the 8 Powerful Money Types is yours.

If you match the criteria to attend this event, you are very welcome to join us for a meeting. You can subscribe below.


Some criteria that are essential to join

Minimum Turnover

You should have an annual minimum turnover of 100.000 euro or far above

Share Network

You should be willing to share your network with the other members

Work Internationally

You should work internationally or have the ambition to do so

Do Business With Members

You want to do business with other women if they have what you need.


Join the Powerful Business Women’s Network

Join this Networking Event in Delfgauw on the 10th of December.


To connect and empower strong businesswomen all over the world, so they can grow their business to the next level and make a bigger impact on the world.


Start Powerful Business Women’s Network chapters all over the world. Which will be hosted by the local partners of Powerful Business Women’s Network.

In these local chapters, Women will find:

– Knowledge and skills to accelerate their business through training, speakers, and webinars.
– A like-minded network of strong businesswomen.
– A network to do business together.
– A mastermind group possibility.
– An international network.
– A web portal to connect with all the members in the world.
– Visit other clubs in the world.


About the founder


Tineke Rensen is a business owner for 29 years
She is a former sports athlete. This resulted in achieving the title of the national champion in whitewater kayaking.

She has a lot of international experience. She used to have an outdoor and survival travel agency.
Nowadays she has international clients and speaks internationally.

It has always been her passion to help and grow people in any kind or form and help them to go beyond their next level.

Many years Tineke has sought like-minded businesswomen in other female business groups. She never found the network that matched her criteria for businesswomen she wanted to network with. That is why she decided to star ta completely new network. Powerful Business Women’s Club


An impression of our first Launch

Event in The Netherlands



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If you cannot make it this time please send an email and let us know. We will invite you to the next meeting in September. Please just send me an email and I will invite you next time:


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