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  • Knowledge and skills to accelerate their business through training, speakers, and webinars.
  • A like-minded network of strong business women.
  • A network to do business together. (Only 1 % of all the deals in the world go to women- owned companies, Women have the power to change this, starting with this themselves).
  • A mastermind group possibility.
  • An international network.

Women are more and more to be seen in politics. Due to quotas or other matters. In business, we see that every year more and more women start a business. In my country, this is 31 % now, which is good. However, their companies remain too small and because of that they have little influence and cannot make a lot of impact.

There are some obvious reasons for this.

  • The mindset of women is often different from men, for example, women do not think so big.
  • Men bluff their wayin or -out of situations. Women don’t do this they prepare very well, they make no promises on the forehand and therefore they miss opportunities.
  • The financial part of the business is often the least important thing that women worry about. (I studied this, for example, only 40% of the women make a financial planning)
  • They find it difficult to focus because they multitask too often. Also in their business

This is not just any network for business-women, where you go once a month and meet each other to network and hope to do some business.

This is a club where strong business women will meet.

This is an international network where women from all over the world will be able to meet live and connect. Or meet virtually through the website.

This is a club where you can learn from other business women because they are open and want to share and give. This is a network of Powerful Business Women!

A famous woman with a large network in the country where a club is hosted will be the guardian angel of the network and will be accessible to the club members. She will visit the club at least once a year.